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I'm Callie,

I am a well-rested mom of two girls, wife, and resident of Boise, Idaho. When I am not working as a baby sleep consultant, I can be found sipping a caramel latte, homeschooling my preschooler, or camping the Northwest with my family. My oldest daughter is the inspiration for Slumber and Swoon Sleep Consulting. After becoming a parent, I started asking the question, “Is this really how these early years should be?” You see, we had a rough beginning together and her sleeplessness seemed to be at the heart of our struggles. Using a developmental approach that focuses on responsiveness and connectedness, I seek to help families gain confidence and gentleness along the way. Taking a holistic approach to sleep support, I aim to support families as they find a solution that supports their guiding instincts, while simultaneously teaching the biological components of healthy sleep.

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0 - 3 MONTHS

Maybe you are currently expecting a baby, or already have a newborn in your home. If so, this sleep education package will help you establish a healthy sleep foundation for your baby. This is not a sleep training plan. This is a tool to help your baby establish sustainable and healthy sleep habits for the days to come. My hope is that each parent who spends time with me feels confident in the sleep needs of their child and gains the tools to ease their child into developmentally appropriate sleep. And don't worry, we will leave room for plenty of baby snuggles!


4 -17 MONTHS

 Are you and your baby exhausted and struggling to make it through the nights? Or, maybe your baby is struggling to fall asleep or taking only short naps? If there is something in your sleep routine that is not working for your family, then I am glad you are here. This sleep support package aims to support parents as they understand developmentally appropriate infant sleep, while also making room for respectful parent-led changes when the current patterns are not working. Let’s work together towards establishing confidence in how you support your baby to sleep, while ensuring your baby has your reassurance along the way. 



As your child ages and appears more independent, it is not uncommon for sleep habits to fall apart or worsen. So, if you have a child who is fighting sleep, I would love to help your family adjust and make strategic changes to support your child's sleep needs. I will support you as we uncover a rhythm with sustainable routines to help your family achieve both physical and emotional rest. So, let’s stop the stalling and nighttime battles and restore the peace in your household.

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