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Why does my baby fight sleep so much?

Baby Sleep Consultant providing support when your baby fights sleep during nights and naps

For the baby who fights sleep...

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Stop the fight and swoon over your well-rested baby.

Sleep Consultant Boise, a solution for babies fighting sleep

I'm Callie,

I am a well-rested mom of two, wife, and resident of Boise, Idaho. When I am not working as a certified baby sleep consultant, I can be found sipping a caramel latte, homeschooling my preschooler, or camping the Northwest with my family. My oldest daughter is the inspiration for Slumber and Swoon Sleep Consulting. After becoming a parent, I started asking the question, “Why does my baby fight sleep?” You see, we had a rough beginning together and her sleeplessness was at the heart of our struggles. When I found the resources to offer her healthy sleep, our family began to flourish again. If you find yourself also asking the question "why does my baby fight sleep?" then I would love to be your sleep consultant.

Are you asking "why does my baby fight sleep?

It's tough! You don't have to do it alone. Instead, consider a custom sleep support package.

Why does my baby fight sleep?


Maybe you are currently expecting a baby, or already have a newborn in your home. If so, this sleep package will help you establish a healthy sleep foundation for your baby. To put you at ease, this is not a rigid sleep training plan. However, i see this as a tool to help your baby establish sustainable and healthy sleep habits for the days to come. My hope is that each parent who spends time with me feels confident in the sleep needs of their child and gains the tools to calmly ease their child into developmentally appropriate sleep. And don't worry, we will leave room for plenty of baby snuggles too. Bonding and attachment is equally as important as sleep at this age.



Your baby is ready to become a wonderful sleeper and I want you to have tools on-hand when your baby fights sleep at bedtime and naps. However, sometimes it can be hard to find solutions on your own. Are you and your baby exhausted and struggling to make it through the nights? Or, maybe your baby is fighting to get longer than a 30 minute nap? If so, your baby may be suffering from over tiredness. This sleep support package should get your family on course for the restorative and healthy sleep you all need. Let’s work together towards establishing 10-12 hours of quality nighttime sleep and a healthy nap pattern to ensure your baby is well rested and emotionally connected to you through the process.

Well rested baby sleeps without a fight
Energetic girl no longer struggles to sleep


As your child ages and becomes more independent, it is not uncommon for sleep habits to fall apart or worsen. So, if you have a child who is fighting sleep, I will help your toddler or young child make the transition into healthy sleep. I will support you through the process of creating healthy sleep habits and creating a rhythm with new and sustainable routines to help your family rest. Most importantly, we engage your child in the process and help them take ownership of their nights. So, let’s stop the stalling and nighttime battles and restore the peace in your household.

Here is what my rested clients are saying...

Well rested baby sleeps without a fight

My 9 month old is now sleeping 12 uninterrupted hours at night and evenings are stress free. We also got help establishing naptime routines and tweaking our schedule to optimize her daytime sleep. The support and help was amazing and took such a load off! Don't wait, get a consult!!

- Emily (mom to 9 month old)

Swooning over a rested toddler who no longer fights bedtime

He slept through. Like, I didn't even hear him cry...he woke up happy and by himself. 

Whitney (mom to 7 month old)

Young girl sleeping on white pillow with blue headboard

The best thing is that I haven't had to ignore her crying even once at night to get to this point, which is really important to me, knowing that my girl has a sensitive history that requires more connection and less traditional discipline. 

- Katie (foster mom to 4 year old girl)

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