Tongue Tied and Sleep Deprived

GUEST POST BY CAIT AHERN, of Soleil Lune   When I tell people that I’m in training to become an IBCLC, they often ask what led me to this work. I usually say something like “I struggled with my firstborn and needed a team of support to get breastfeeding started, so I want to…

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5 Top Newborn Sleep Questions and Answers

If you are expecting a baby soon, or if you are already in the thick of parenting a tiny human, sleeplessness is always a relevant topic among new parents! So, whether you are getting ahead on your research, or you just need a lifeline to get you through the next half-hour, I will try and…

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Catnapping Baby: 6 Solutions for Short Naps

Catnapping baby holding mom's fingers

It happens to all parents, right? We lay our baby down to sleep, and then next…WAAAAAHHH. Your baby woke early from a catnap. The baby monitor is lighting up, letting you know that your baby’s nap is apparently over. Darn, a catnap!! You have tried everything and are coming up empty when you attempt to…

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Fall Back: How to Prepare your Child for Daylight Savings

Desk and brick wall with timestamped computer

How can you prepare your child for Daylight Savings Time? Learn how to Fall Back and prevent havoc to your child’s sleep schedule. As a certified sleep consultant, I want you to know how to prepare your child for Daylight Savings this Fall. This step-by-step guide can walk you through a plan to adjust your…

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How to Simplify your Child’s Morning Routine for School

White dresser with days of the week

A minimal solution to simplify your child’s morning routine for school days. Create this 7 -drawer dresser to organize clothing, streamline your morning, and allow your child more rest in the mornings. Whenever the school year is fully underway and the first weeks of excitement start to wear off, your child’s morning routine for school…

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What Age to Stop Naps

Happy toddler who no longer fights bedtime

Wondering what age to stop naps for your toddler? Here is my latest guide… I hear it on online chats everywhere, “My pre-schooler has been a great sleeper, but now bedtime is getting out of control”. The sympathy starts to pour in, along with some valid suggestions, but then the heart of the matter starts…

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