Prenatal and Newborn Sleep Consultations

Sleep support from birth through three months

About the Support

This consultation will be your guide in establishing positive sleep habits for your newborn. We will co-create a sleep plan based on the education you will receive and your personal sleep goals. During this time, it is my mission for you to develop a sustainable rhythm that works for your unique family, developing confidence in the decisions you make moving forward, and knowing when to adjust when something is no longer working.

I will ensure you have simple techniques on-hand, as you learn to tune-in to your baby, all while he/she develops both physically and emotionally healthy sleep patterns. You will NEVER be pressured into sleep training. If there is a pattern you love that supports both the physical and emotional safety of your baby, then we can incorporate this into your plan.

  • Guidance tailored to your family's unique sleep goals

  • Support that balances knowledge and caregiver instinct

  • Holistic examination of your child's sleep disturbances

"I don't know exactly what the future holds, but I'm stepping forward with grit anchored in grace."

- Julie Graham

Program Features

  • 90 Minute Private Consultation

    This consultation will help you troubleshoot fussiness, understand your newborn’s sleep needs and cues, and confidently assist your newborn as he/she finds a pattern of sleeping and eating that best promotes consolidated sleep.

  • Newborn Sleep Plan (0-3 months)

    They say babies don’t come with manuals, and I agree. You know your baby best. This is why we co-create a sleep plan using my knowledge of infant sleep and your parental instincts. This written plan will be given to you after our consultation. 

  • Environmental Assistance

    Because your child’s sleep environment will become an important factor of your child’s sleep success, we will discuss options for creating a safe and cozy sleeping arrangement for your child at birth and as he/she grows.

  • Sleep and Feeding Log Review

    For the parent who wants to track sleep and feeding patterns, I will help you review 3 days and nights of sleep and feeding logs to get a clearer picture of the patterns and challenges facing you.

Program Goals


Create a plan for closeness, contact, and comfort with long term goals in mind. 


Establish a flexible sleeping and eating routine that promotes sound sleep.


Learn about common sleep interrupters and how you can help your baby navigate these inevitable disturbances. 

Pricing Guide

Your investment towards a better night's sleep

Prenatal and Newborn Sleep Consultation Package


90-Minute Private Consultation Newborn Sleep Plan
Three Day Sleep Log Review  Three Day Feeding Log Review
Environmental Assistance

Sleep Support Upgrades

Bronze Upgrade


The $50 Bronze Upgrade includes one 30 minute follow-up support consultation and notes.

This consultation can be used at any time for the child who recieved the consultation above.

Silver Upgrade


The $130 Silver Upgrade includes three 30 minute follow-up support consultations and notes.

These consultations can be used at any time for the child who received the consultation above.

Gold Upgrade


The $197 Gold Upgrade includes five 30 minute follow-up support consultations and notes. 

These consultations can be used at any time for the child who received the consultation above.

How is my support different?

Because of the holistic nature of this practice, I do not operate on the framework of "quick fixes" for the sake of results. I offer guidance to support you in making conscious and gradual sleep changes that do not use separation based techniques. I PROMISE to never use a one-size-fits-all sleep plan. I PROMISE you will not be pressured into making changes you don't feel comfortable making. I PROMISE to never ask you to leave your child to cry alone. I PROMISE to never treat your child's sleep challenges as simply a behavior problem, instead digging to find the root cause of your struggles. This developmental approach can be complex, and it can take time as your baby grows and as you reflect on your own unique parenting philosophies and strategies.

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