Toddler Sleep Consultations

Sleep Support for 19 months and older

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About the Program

If you are accustomed to getting ninja-kicked in bed, or you have heard every stalling strategy imaginable; if you switched your child into a big kid bed and it has been a struggle ever since – if you identify with any of this, the following sleep package can support you while solid sleep habits are established. This consultation provides responsive strategies as well as equips parents to understand their child's developmental capabilities and realities.

We will support you as your child learns skills to maintain quality nighttime sleep. You will learn techniques to reduce the bedtime battle, transition your child out of daytime naps (when appropriate) and into a big kid bed, and navigate the tricky adjustment to nighttime potty training or pacifier weaning. During this time, a priority will be placed on maintaining a loving child and parent connection by co-creating a plan that best fits your parenting style and child’s temperament.

  • Professional support as your child learns excellent sleep strategies

  • Sustainable solutions to help your child take ownership of their sleep needs

  • Peaceful and drama-free sleep routine developed for your child

"When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it's our job to share our calm, not to join their chaos."

- L.R. Knost

Program Features

  • 90 Minute Private Consultation

    This consultation will teach you the basic science behind your child’s sleep needs. We will dialogue about the specific challenges your child has been facing and troubleshoot solutions to guide your child into better sleep habits. You will be equipped with proven strategies to help your child improve their sleep habits.

  • Young Child Sleep Plan (18 months – 5 years)

    You know your child the best. This is a co-created plan to help your family reduce bedtime frustrations, eliminate night wakings, resolve naptime and bedtime battles, and reclaim your rhythm. This plan will be customized to your family and child as we work together for three weeks to establish sleep results.

  • Six 15-minute follow-up calls (to use before your baby is 5 years old)

    Because each child is unique, I provide additional guidance and reassurance to help you navigate the reality of your child’s specific needs as the sleep plan is implemented. If your child reaches his/her sleep goals before our three weeks has ended, you are welcome to save one of the follow-up calls to use at a later time. This call may be used to help troubleshoot future developmental changes such as dropping naptime, room sharing with siblings, sleep and school schedules, etc.

  • Unlimited e-mail support for 3 weeks

    When your three week plan begins, you can be sure to receive a response to your questions at least once a day, every weekday. This is a resource to help you answer questions or get ideas "off your chest" whenever the moment strikes. 

  • Environmental Assistance

    Because your child’s sleep environment will become an important factor of your child’s sleep success, we will discuss options for creating a safe and cozy sleeping arrangement for your child that promotes quality sleep.

  • Keep the Sleep Toolkit

    Your child’s early years are filled with constant development and change. It is important to me that my clients achieve continual sleep success. Once we have established a healthy sleep pattern, you will receive a final “Keep the Sleep” kit which includes suggestions for when and how to drop your child’s daytime nap, how to troubleshoot early morning wake-ups, how to transition to a big kid bed, what sleep changes to expect as your child ages, travel tips, and a daylight savings guide.

Program Goals


Customize a plan that fits your family and child’s needs


Create engagement for your child regarding their sleep needs


Teach your child to fall asleep independently


Eliminate night waking and early wakeups


Create a healthy and age appropriate sleep schedule

Pricing Guide

Your investment towards a good night sleep

Young Child Sleep Consultation Program


90 Minute Private Consultation Young Child Sleep Plan
Six 15-minute Follow-up Calls 3 Weeks Unlimited email support
Environmental Assistance Keep the Sleep Toolkit

Program Upgrades

Bronze Upgrade


The $50 Bronze Upgrade Includes an In-home consultation for families living within 30 miles of Boise, Idaho.

For my fellow Idahoans, this is a great opportunity for us to meet face-to-face during your consultation.

Silver Upgrade


The $200 Silver Upgrade includes 48-hours of around the clock text support.

That's right! Whether you have questions about an afternoon nap, or need help at 3am, you can text me and I will help you through it.

Gold Upgrade


The $300 Gold Upgrade includes an IN-person consultation and "village" support. This support includes 3 hours of my helping hand within your home after the consultation. This stage can be tough, and a helping hand can make all the difference

How is my support different?

Because of the holistic nature of this practice, I do not operate on the framework of "quick fixes" for the sake of results. I offer guidance to support you in making conscious and gradual sleep changes that do not use separation based techniques. I PROMISE to never use a one-size-fits-all sleep plan. I PROMISE you will not be pressured into making changes you don't feel comfortable making. I PROMISE to never ask you to leave your child to cry alone. I PROMISE to never treat your child's sleep challenges as simply a behavior problem, instead digging to find the root cause of your struggles. This developmental approach can be complex, and it can take time as your child grows and as you reflect on your own unique parenting philosophies and strategies.

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